Fresh Faces: Jennette Laven

With her Leica M3 in hand, photographer (and art model) Jennette Laven tells us about living oversees, dressing up in the country and her dream of going on an abandoned tour of the USA. View her photos on Gasoline.XXX.

How did you make it to NYC?

I was living overseas for 3 years and wanted to live somewhere international and pursue my photography. My aspirations for the direction I wanted to go in photography changed as I grew as an artist, though.

Why photography?

It was about 4 1/2 years ago that my friend and I were at her aunt’s in the country. We were so bored and she had a nice digital camera. We thought we would have some fun, dress up, and shoot around the property. It was love from that day on.

What was the first photo you ever took?

Haha, I have no memory of that.. sorry.

What’s your choice camera and why?

I use a Leica M3. This camera not only takes amazing photos but has a lovely history and a good reputation.

If you had 1 year with no financial restraints what would you do?

I would travel and shoot. I have always wanted to go on an abandoned tour of the USA.

Photo by Fletcher Lawrence Anstis

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