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1/24 — Photo by Siyaka Taylor-Lewis



Party Central: The Milk BBQ BASH

What’s better than a good old-fashioned pig roast on a Saturday in BK? Nothing comes to mind. This past Saturday, we celebrated the opening of Milk’s newly-located equipment rental shop now settled in the heart of Brooklyn with BBQ, Jameson, and babes. We were stocked with all the essentials to make this bash one to remember.

The night was spent mingling and eating delicious BK-based Mable’s Smokehouse specialties fit for the occasion. Jeff Lutonsky, owner, and his crew came prepared with everything from baked beans to vegetarian sliders and kept the party’s mouth watering throughout the night with a pig on a spit smoking up the block. Homemade cherry pie was also a highlight of the pickings, and made it even better when Jeff admitted he’d stayed up until 4am the night before baking them, with the Warrant song on repeat in his head.

All our friends stopped by to partake – North 8th became a place of talking and laughter that buzzed around the neighborhood. We ended the night with a shot (or two) of Jameson and bid our friends adieu. Until next year.

Photos by Siyaka Taylor-Lewis

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