Almost Famous: Emily Hope

South London born photographer Emily Hope, has been making quite a name for herself here in New York City. At only 26 years old, her work has graced the cover of Elle Magazine, Interview and Grazia. With a unique style which ranges from ethereal portraits of Kiera Knightly for Chanel, to William Egglestone-like scenes, we see big things to come for this disarmingly cool yet charming young lady.

How would you describe your introduction to photography?

My interest started when I was modeling.. I realized I was paying a lot more attention to the lighting set-ups in the studio and the way the camera worked, rather than doing my job properly.

What was the first camera you owned?

My first camera was an Olympus OM2 my dad bought me when I was 14. I still use that camera actually. A lot of people would say the Nikon F2 was the best SLR of that generation, but I still maintain it was/is the Olympus.

Was there a moment where you began noticing a particular style or aesthetic in your photography?

Not so much a moment, it definitely builds over time. But looking back on my first shots It’s quite interesting, seeing how much you’ve grown. I’ve always known what aesthetic i’ve liked, that hasn’t changed but I guess you learn how to refine it.

What are your favorite bars/restaurants in NYC?

It’s everyone’s favorite. Cafe Mogador. On St.Marks place. My favorite bar right now? I like Decibel on 9th street and Lucy’s on Ave A. I always end up at Lucy’s.

Have you ever worked here at Milk?
No, actually. I hope to soon.

Do u miss London?


If money was no object what gear would you choose to shoot with?

I’d buy a few Leica’s. And a really lovely large format camera.

Photos by Jamie Burke

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