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Since its inception, Magnum Photos has been convening once a year for the "Annual General Meeting" in either New York, London or Paris. It’s a four-day affair that feels a bit like a papal conclave meets a family reunion meets a company retreat. When all is said and done, the collective announces its new members, nominees and any other points of important news, and then everyone packs up and goes back to their respective corner of the globe.

But this AGM, Magnum’s 67th, will be a bit different than in years passed: For the first time, Magnum Photos will be offering what we’re calling #MAGNUMSquare prints. It’s not an original idea, but it’s certainly an experiment — $100 for a SIGNED, museum quality, 6”x6” Magnum photograph. Starting JUNE 17th AT NOON EST, you’ll have a 67 hour window to purchase a #MAGNUMSquare in our online store. Then, once orders are in, your prints will be made and photographers will take breaks in between voting and presenting and debating to sign them.

Browse available images on the @MagnumPhotos Instagram feed. Anything tagged #MAGNUMSquare is up for grabs. Don’t miss this opportunity — may not come around for another 67 years. Who knows…

Gideon Jacobs is the Creative Director at Magnum Photos, NY, and a columnist for VICE.

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