Tour Life with Mark Foster

Foster the People was one of the sought after bands at this past weekend’s Governors Ball on New York’s very own Randall’s Island. Mark Foster and the band impressed the very hipster Brooklyn and Lower East Side crowd with their dance-rock, playing a set mostly focused on material from their last album, "Supermodel." I asked Mark a few questions about the album before his stage performance.

With such a large fan base and the creativity of music how do you keep inspired? How did you create this album?

I love exploring music, when I’m writing songs my favorite thing to do is to try and go places I’ve never gone before – like Asia for a trip where I found Inspiration for my album this time around.

Anything you can recall in the past few months or weeks that was hilarious?

Everything is hilarious with us as a band. We have some very serious moments when creating but, in general, we try to have fun. Obviously doing weird and funny things keeps the good mood.

What’s your take on Governors Ball?

Wild. The crowd is great here and the other bands are amazing to see perform.

Barī Suzuki is a journalist from London. You can follow him on twitter and instagram @BariSuzki.

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