HENRI's Summer Jam “It’s Like This, It’s Like That”

London raised/LA based, HENRI (aka Henrietta Tiefenthaler) has teamed up with Instagram filter mastermind, Cole Rise (one of which is his namesake, “Rise”), for her first official single’s music video, “It’s Like This, It’s Like That.” A mockumentary of a passionate wannabe hula hooper, Henri’s infectious disco track is the perfect backdrop to a day in his crazy life — complete with a showdown involving some seriously professional hula hoopers. It’s our pick for your favorite summertime tune, and we sat down with HENRI at her single’s release party to find out more about her and how she started making dance tracks.

Tell us a little bit about your career history.

I originally lived in LA when I was 16 and I went to Lee Strasburg Acting summer camp. I moved properly after I finished University and I still wanted to be an actress, but I got an internship at a book publishing company to make some money. Then I decided I didn’t want to act because I couldn’t take the rejection. I became a book editor, which then turned into being a writer. My first book was with Larry King from CNN — a book about the American constitution called Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. I also wrote a biography about Anna Nicole Smith with her half sister. When she died, I became her spokesperson and the book went on to be a NYT bestseller. I did that for a few years and then I decided I didn’t want to do book editing or be a writer anymore so I switched to making music.

What inspired you to get into making music?

I was very first inspired by Krautrock and I started a Krautrock band called Thrillionaire. Can, Neu!, and Kraftwerk were my early influencers. Then I got more and more into dance music.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Todd Terje. Ever since he released Inspector Norse I’ve been obsessed with his tracks. Lindstrom is also great. There must be something in the water in Norway!

Oh, and I’d love to work with Grimes.

What was the inspiration for the concept for your music video?

We were having a garden party and some of my friends were really good hula hoopers so I recorded them on my iPhone. It was my friend Emma’s idea to actually do a DIY video with the hula hooping. The song is a fun, slightly tongue-in-cheek disco song. It reminded me of 70s disco on the square-lit floors — this is the contemporary version of that in the daytime. I was also inspired by Fatboy Slim’s videos. I had met Cole on this train journey across America that Doug Aitken masterminded, and we decided to work on this video together. It’s meant to be documentary style; we wanted it to look like it was hand held.

What can we expect from you after this release?

I have two more dance songs; they’re a bit more dark, coming out in the Fall. I’ve also done a dance remix of this song, which I’m releasing with other cool remixes some friends have done. I’m currently working on a couple of collaborations with some of my favorite dance music producers, which are more deep house.

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