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Artist Profile: Nail Art with Madeline Poole

Self taught nail artist, Madeline Poole, is recreating the interpretation of art. The onset, editorial manicurist is widely recognized for her intricate details and artistic talent. If you have yet to see her work, you can find it in mags like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Nylon. Her calm, cool and collected style is one to watch out for.

From simple neutral shades, graphics and original sketches Madeline’s artistic direction has the ability to transform fingertips into the latest accessories. As NY based agencies Bridge Artists latest manicurist and Sally Hansen’s new global color ambassador, Madeline has truly built her empire.

When did it hit you that you wanted to be an on set nail artist?

I was working on a photo shoot in LA, it was a Nordstrom catalogue shoot and it was probably at Milk Studios! At that time I was assisting Jen Gotch, a prop stylist. Mostly unpacking boxes and returning unused cutlery. I definitely didn’t think prop styling was my calling – but… I peeked back into the beauty room and saw Jenna Hipp, a celebrity manicurist know for her "green" spin on the process. I couldn’t believe that was a real job – she looked SO happy and was incredibly sweet. She was giving everyone essential oil stress treatments, like an on-set fairy. So I started to ask around and everyone I spoke to said "you’d be really good at that!" Then I immediately – like within a few days – turned my bedroom into a salon and enrolled in beauty school.

It has been said that you are able to turn fingertips into miniature works of museum-worthy art, what inspires you?

I try to think about how the nail will appear from far away – cramming detail onto a nail can take away from it’s impact so I usually stick with simple designs. I’m inspired by textile patterns in fashion especially from handbags and shoes, makeup, vintage packaging, jewelry, stones and rocks, animal skins, ceramics, weavings, seashells, my friends and nail looks throughout history.

I heard you rarely paint your own nails, why is that?

It’s not for any interesting reason – I do really love having a beautiful manicure but, I, like most other people, find it impossible to paint my right hand. I may be precise but I’m not ambidextrous. And I never go to salons because I would drive them crazy – I’m so nit picky.

What do you hope to see next in nail art?

I’d like to see innovations in products, like oil-slick textures and reflective paints that I’ve seen in textiles and in car paint. I think it’s only a matter of time.

By the way, congratulations on being named Sally Hansen’s new global color ambassador! What is life like now?

Life is truly more exciting – I have a huge platform for my ideas and the highest quality technology and research team to develop product concepts with. I feel more grounded in New York, I guess I can finally admit that I live here.

Most shocking item in your nail kit?
There are a few strange items in there. I use Shish-ka-bob skewers as a handle to attach fake nails to. I also have a large pack of chrome silver press on toe nails. You really never know.

Follow Madeline on instagram @MPNails

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