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Bicycles built for nudes

Portland cyclists disrobed and rode this June, as a protest against oil dependency, a move to highlight cyclist’s vulnerability and to promote body positivity. It was the 11th year in a row Portland has hosted the naked bike ride, which now draws thousands of participants and gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “bareback riding”.

Milk Made photographer Brad Elterman was headed out to dinner with the local mayor of pop culture, Johnny Le, unaware the event was happening. Seeing a purple-haired rider in a state of dishabille hurtling by, he grabbed his camera and followed along.

He was impressed at how well-attended the event was, citing several reasons for its greater success than the LA ride which drew a mere 300 participants.
“Portland doesn’t have a lot of traffic, and drivers are less hostile to cyclists. Everyone there is very friendly and I can’t imagine the riders would face any harassment, only encouragement.” He explained.

The naked bike ride, which occurs in 75 US cities and over 200 countries worldwide, is attracting larger and larger numbers each year and Elterman understands the appeal.“It’s magical! If I’d had a bike, I would’ve joined them.” He said.

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Ruby Brunton is a New York-based writer and poet. You can find her on twitter here: @RubyBrunton

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