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1/9 — Photo by Jamie Burke



Group Show: Temporary Accommodation

Last night New York City’s youth art and music culture vultures, poured into the back room of infamous East Village watering hole, Niagara, for a group show curated by Antonia Marsh.

"Temporary Accommodation lived up to its name with the various exhibits casually applied all over the walls and mirrors that surround the small space.
As several of the exhibitors are members of well known NYC bands, the show gave an inside glimpse to the grim yet beautiful personnel encounters, that occur throughout life on the road.

I drank and rubbed shoulders with old friends, whilst soaking up the moody portrait photography.

It brought me back to my touring days with both a reminiscent smile and a bitter taste in my mouth.

"Temporary Accommodation includes the portraiture of ten artists. A rich and complex genre of photography that varies enormously between each individual. While one might take candid portraits of strangers that intrigue them on the street, another might concentrate on photos of their loved ones, or explore themselves in darker times through self-portraiture. All of which without a doubt constitute equally valid and fruitful ways of using the camera to capture humanity, something Manhattan and her surrounding boroughs are indeed not lacking in whatsoever. Brought together in the back room of a bar on the notorious corner of Avenue A and 7th street, this location is no stranger to an array of colorful and eccentric characters passing across its threshold, whether artist, subject, or both." – Antonia Marsh

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