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Fresh Faces: dissdig

From drunk rat tees to a ‘Hatt Damon’ 5 panel cap, Alana Reali and Marissa Evans make spirited street wear that embodies the downtown zeitgeist of NYC. Founded in 2012, the raw and youthful designs of dissdig have been championed by prominent skateboarders as well as the ATL twins. Milk Made catches up with two designers to chat about Harmony Korine and moving to the Big Apple.

Where are you from?
Marissa: I’m originally from Northern California, and moved here a little over 8 years ago.
Alana: I’m from Portland, Maine. I’ve lived here in NYC for 4 years. I e-mailed my picture to this bar and they hired me as a bartender. I moved with $400 in my pocket and haven’t been back.

How did the name dissdig come about?
A: I’ve always been a huge fan of Larry Clark and Harmony Korine and when Kids came out, I really connected with it. I woke up one day and randomly remembered the part where they go into a bodega and Telly distracts the deli clerk while Casper steals a 40 oz and Telly asks, ‘do you happen to have dissdig? I’m curious, do you have it?’ And I thought that would be a clever name for a brand. I trademarked the name and the rest was history.
M: It’s a little bit of an obscure quote from the movie and to people who haven’t seen it a lot, it just comes off as an interesting name.

Who does what?
M: Alana leads the creative direction of the company from design concepts to our brand image. I handle the technical aspects from creating finished graphics as well as doing the photography for the brand. 

Where do you find inspiration?
A: In my daily experiences and what I feel New York is to me. I started street wear because I’d see stuff and be like ‘that would be cool if…’ I wanted to make my own clothes that I can wear and my friends can wear.

Tell me about your collaboration with Hanksy.
A: He’s been a friend for awhile. We had talked about doing a collab for some time and one day he hit me up and said ‘how about a Hatt Damon?’ So we did Matt Damon ‘Hatt Damon’ 5 panels and got a lot of positive feedback from that. 

Top 3 influential labels?
A: Stussy, Brixton and Supreme.

Celebrity you’d love to dress?
A: Kanye would be cool. (laughs) What’s funny is the twins actually sent Harmony and his wife a shirt and they loved it. 
M: I don’t know much about celebrities but I would be honored to have one of our pieces featured in an editorial by a big magazine. I love to see just random people who wear our clothing and getting so excited about the brand.

Where can we buy dissdig?
We currently only sell through our website dissdig.com.

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