Artist Profile: The Weeks

A pair of longhaired twins, a bassist with the surname “Bone”, an Alabama football lovin’ lead guitarist, and an admiral keyboardist that ties it all together––these are the guys who are layering sound like musket fire and giving plenty of credit to the the house they grew up in. From the basements of Mississippi to headlining Kings of Leons’ European tour, The Weeks are blazing their own trail.

On The South as an influencer and the transition from Mississippi to Nashville.

Most of our southern influence comes from the slow pace of life in the south. Accepting what comes our way and rolling with the punches even when the luck isn’t there. The music always comes naturally once you understand the pros and cons. Just like our move to Nashville— that was a natural one for us. We wanted to take ourselves out of our box and see what we could do in a vacuum. Being raised in the Deep South has helped us assess what works for our band best, rather than just jumping the gun on every opportunity.

On authenticity and what defines the band.

We define ourselves as just a band. We don’t pigeon hole our sound by adding any restrictions to it. We live in left field and that’s where we like it. 

On brotherhood and being together for almost 8 years now.

The biggest thing about playing together since we were 14 & 15 is that verbal communication is so passé now. To be able to talk to your band through head nods and facial expressions—thats what takes musical chemistry to the next level. Oh, and having the twins sometimes feels like cheating.

On touring overseas and what’s next.

Touring overseas takes all the familiarity of the states away. You never know exactly where you are or where you’re going. After touring so much stateside it’s humbling to play in towns where you have to build markets and play for people that have no idea who you are. After spending 5 months there in a 12 month span, we got our dues paid. We’re headed back for thirds late this Fall. 

On any oddities that influence the band and any guilty pleasures.

A lot of early 90’s country à la Alan Jackson & Tracy Lawrence. We had a tour manager that played it incessantly and it just sticks in your brain. As for guilty pleasures–– I’ve come to terms that I like what I like and I don’t feel bad about liking it. 

On 3 people you guys would like to play for dead or alive and where you’d like that to go down.

Levon Helm, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones at Stevie’s Wonders house. 

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