Linklater's Boyhood

You know movies where the casting is so awful that the child version + the adult version of a character couldn’t be any more different from one another? Well Richard Linklater decided to forego that entire mess by shooting the same actors for twelve years. Boyhood, directed by Linklater (the legend behind classics like Dazed And Confused, Slacker, and the Before Sunrise trilogy), tells the story about growing up through the eyes of Mason (Ellar Coltrane), whom, along with the rest of the cast – including Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette – actually grow up on the screen.

This is the first time a feature has been filmed for this long, and even seeing the trailer made us have super intense nostalgia – imagine watching all the stages of your childhood to young adulthood being filmed #pubertyflashbackchills. The film comes out today Friday, July 11 in select theaters, so make sure to watch it and make sure to bring your own box of tissues, it looks like it’s going to be a tearjerker.

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