Exclusive: Behati Prinsloo

In a Milk Made exclusive, photographer Ryan Due candidly photographs iconic model Behati Prinsloo on a rainy day in the East Village, while talking to her about the weather, the Wizard of OZ and childhood disappointments. Here’s how it went down with the recently wed Victoria’s Secret Angel and all-around babe.

Ryan Due: So you grew up with no tornadoes.

Behati Prinsloo: No, no tornadoes, no earthquakes, no nothing. I grew up with no natural disasters whatsoever.

R: I’ve never actually seen a tornado personally.

B: Could you imagine being one of those guys? A storm chaser?

R: Actually it used to be a really big fear of mine as a kid… tornadoes.

B: Me too. Tornadoes and tsunamis. I would just see it on TV and it was literally the biggest fear of mine to be stuck and have a tornado come over me in my house and I would have dreams about it.

R: Did you see The Wizard of Oz early on?

B: What do you mean early on?

R: Like when you were young.

B: I’ve never seen The Wizard of Oz

R: Oh really?

B: Isn’t that weird?

R: Yeah.

B: Everybody finds that very weird. I feel like every single person I know has seen it.

R: Yeah it’s kind of a surprise to hear that someone hasn’t seen it, it’s like when someone says they’ve never seen Star Wars.

B: Yeah I’ve seen Star Wars, but I could not tell you what The Wizard of Oz is about.

R: You don’t know anything about it?

B: Nothing, no. I know Dorothy… is Dorothy in it?

R: Yes, ok.

B: I know Dorothy and the Tin Man or something, and the guy who looks like a lion…

R: Yeah he is a lion.

B: He is a lion, and… is there a fat guy in it?

R: The wizard might be fat.

B: But all I know is they run on a road, right? That’s all I know about it.

R: But do you know how they got there?

B: No.

R: So you don’t know that it’s about a tornado, that’s why I asked.

B: I don’t know that it’s about a tornado.

R: Really? So, the whole reason they’re on the road in the first place…

B: Is because of a tornado.

R: Yeah.

B: Shit.


B: Remember the huge lollipops that you would see in the candy store? I finally got my parents to get me one and I was so devastated because I thought it was a giant lollipop but it’s not. It’s a giant lollipop with shit ton of little tiny ones inside it. It was not even one big one! Inside was just regular lollipops.

R: What? That’s a scam.

B: I hated it. Took it back. It’s the worst thing.

R: Is that one of the most disappointing moments of your childhood?

B: Yes. Most disappointing moment is when I got a giant lollipop that ended up being just a thousand little ones. I was so upset. It’s a scam though. You shouldn’t do that. It’s like giving you a big huge gummy bear and making it plastic and putting tiny ones in the middle.

R: Like the giant Hershey kiss that turns out to just be full or normal ones?

B: Yeah exactly. We didn’t have Hershey kisses.


B: It’s getting dark.. and your face keeps changing color.

R: Yeah yours too.

Photography and interview by Ryan Due. Follow him on instagram here.

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