Megumi Igarashi Gets Arrested

Megumi Igarashi, Japanese artist and advocate of the vagina, has been arrested on obscenity charges after sending 3D printed data of her scanned vagina as a thank you gift to the donors of her “Pussy Boat” crowd fund. It all started with her idea to create a kayak (the “Pussy boat”) that took a replica of her vulva as a mold for the boat in order to showcase sexist politics on exhibiting replicas of genitalia. Japan wasn’t having it and they charged her for sharing “obscene material”…because haven’t you heard vaginas are evil and penises prevail? Igarashi, who goes by the pseudonym Rokudenashiko (which kind of translates to “absurd” or “good-for-nothing girl”), is a feminist to the core and sees no reason why the “manko” has to be shamefully ostracized, especially in a country where “The Festival of the Steel Phallus” is celebrated annually (Google it, it’s surreal). Although she’s still in jail, Igarashi plans on creating more art like the Kayak – there’s talks of a bed, a door, a car, and hey! even a house hopefully. In the meantime, you can sign an online petition to change Japan’s laws and support Igarashi. Let the pussy live!

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