Kate Bosworth Steals Your Style

Kate Bosworth is about to change your fashion game by making you into a style thief. We don’t mean you should pull a Winona and start stuffing your purse with clothing – the point is to make your life easier, not harder. With the launch of a new style app called Style Thief, created by Bosworth (who will also serve as chief marketing officer) and co-founder Samantha Russ, you can easily settle any style envy you have. How does it work? Easy – you spy who you wanna steal from (whether on the street, in a magazine, or anywhere else), take a photo of their clothes, and then the app does a search to show you where to get that or a similar piece. “Our intention is to be a tool for consumers to find something and ultimately purchase. It’s as easy as that." Bosworth says, claiming, “It’s a natural evolution of my interest in tech and fashion.” It makes sense considering she’s collaborated on collections with Topshop before and has an upcoming project with a still-unnamed LA brand. But she should be wary of her creation; we might end up with a serious case of #BitchStoleMyLook.

Photo: Kate Bosworth for Topshop by Michael Polish

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