David Lynch, Fashion Designer

David Lynch is all over the fashion world these days, but now more than being a muse the director is…a women’s sportswear fashion designer. Kinda random, right? Although Lynch is also well known for being an advocate for Transcendental Meditation and healthy living, a women’s sportswear line with a “Lynch flower print” is way different from his other projects like Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, and his music ventures which are actually really good. The five-piece collection is part of a collaboration with online health hub Live The Process and the price ranges between $100 – $200 for sports bras, leggings, and shorts. Not to mention a portion of the proceeds will go to victims of abuse, so you can show off your David Lynch sports bra AND feel super charitable all at once #yaassss . If there’s anyone who can branch out from surrealite to writer to sportswear designer it’s David Lynch, so, as random as the collection might seem, we’re really feeling those high waist floral running shorts. We might even have to start exercising.

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