Emoji Diversity is Finally Real

Emojis are the suburbia of texting – a lot of smiling white people doing activities, eating pizza and lollipops and riding their airplanes or cars, but what about everyone else? Sorry to be the one to break it to you emoji, but not all of us who use you as a texting medium are white, blonde bitches who wear crowns on the daily (not to mention, sexting is no fun when you have to allegorize an eggplant for a penis, but I digress). Finally, though, everyone’s prayers have been heard by ex-NASA programmer Katrina Parrott and her new app iDiversicons, which offers over 900 emojis which include lesbian and gay couples, women soldiers, mixed raced couples, different dog breeds, and most importantly, people of all different colors just like in the real world (crazy, I know!).

Parrott got the idea to create the app when her daughter asked her why there weren’t avatars that looked like her or her friends, and she realized that the issue wasn’t just a lack of presence of the African American population, but a lack of representation of the world population in general. “We wanted all people to be able to find an emoji that looked like them." The emojis haven’t been integrated into the keyboard yet, so while Parrott pitches her project to the Unicode technical committee, we’ll just settle with sending these awesome emojis as icons. No word yet on whether the catalogue features important emojis like “middle finger” or “sexy time”, but for now we’re happy with images that properly represent us.

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