Coolio to Release New Music Through Pornhub

For reasons only perfectly understandable to him, Coolio will be dropping new material from his upcoming new album via Pornhub. This is either a brilliant and groundbreaking marketing strategy or an über mega WTF. According to TMZ the deal is that the rapper can only release his new music through Pornhub and in exchange the website will provide all types of ladies for Coolio’s new “Take It To The Hub” video (btw TMZ has a behind the scenes video which alternates between really tragic and borderline funny, as you can hear the director tell the girls, "Smile while you’re doing this. Look like you’re having a good time"). The album will be Coolio’s first since 2009’s From the Bottom 2 the Top, which was released…not…in a porn website, but hey, at least this time around his videos will feature porn models and not, you know, Michelle Pfeiffer.

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