Spiderman Arrested for Punching Cop

There comes a time in every superhero’s story where police don’t see them as a liaison but as an enemy. Well it seems that real life cops hate super heroes too…at least the sleazy ones whom tourists and future-regretful kids take pictures with in Times Square – they’ve been arresting everyone from Captain America to characters from Toy Story. A few days ago a black-suited Spiderman, real name Junior Bishop (sorry Peter Parker, you’ve been replaced), asked some Times Square tourists to tip him post-photo but refused to accept anything other than $5s, $10s, or $20s, at which point an on looking police officer, Eduardo Molina, informed the tourists that they didn’t have to tip him. Bishop retorted with “mind your own fucking business” before getting arrested by the cops for “aggressive panhandling,” during which Bishop broke free and punched Molina.

Bishop’s isn’t the only Times Square character with a growing police record – in the past two years a couple of other Spidermans have been arrested, and following Bishop’s shenanigans at playing a real life superhero over the weekend, police have arrested five more characters, including the Naked Black Cowboy, Jessie from Toy Story, another Spiderman, and Captain America. While aggressive panhandling is an extreme charge for arrest (I mean, unless you’re being physically threatened), there has always been something incredibly ~creepy~ about getting hugged by a criminal who wears an Elmo mask in order to get physical contact + money. Eeeeeek!

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