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Zoos are the worst catch 22…animals get slaughtered and poached to near extinction in the wild, but to have them locked up in enclosed spaces that “emulate” their natural habitat is cruel (at the Bronx Zoo the polar bear pit is outside in the open in 86° weather…how’s that for fucked up?). Thankfully, Danish architects [BIG]( http://big.dk/#projects) (Bjarke Ingels Group) have come up with a design plan that will hopefully be the solution to this. Zootopia is already being called “the world’s most advanced zoo” by Danish Press, and aims to transform Givskud Zoo – a Safari type zoo – into an interactive experience which dreams “to create the best possible and freest possible environment for the animals’ lives and relationships with each other and visitors.”

Now to answer the million-dollar question: how are they going to do that? The concept proposal “attempts to integrate and hide buildings,” set up a hiking trail that connects and separates the Africa, America, and Asia areas, and (best of all…are you ready?) integrates climbable pods in the animal habitats in which humans are hidden from the animals view. How amazing is that??? Animals are free (or freer, small victories) to roam without the intrusion of humans being superimposing and polluting the natural habitat. There’s more upsides than just the fact that it’s super fucking cool – the observation without intrusion method would make us really see and appreciate the lives of animals without us hindering or controlling their behavior. The first phase is supposed to be done in 2019, which is enough time for us to start pinching pennies for our flights to Denmark.

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