Shadow Rave Dance Party

Dancing and museums seem an unlikely combination. Outside of a performance piece at the MOMA or a museum dedicated entirely to flamenco, one rarely associates the frenetic energy of dancing to the calmingly precise atmosphere of a museum. The Hygiene Museum in Dresden hopes to forever obliterate these notions with a new interactive exhibit by Berlin design studio Schnellbuntebilder titled Epilog.

What this piece has to do with hygiene is a mystery but what we do know is that this exhibit is designed for every patron to tap into their inner Fred Astaire (or Beyonce) and let the dancer inside tap and twerk their way out. Using a coded system of audial and visual projectors, Epilog allows visitors to create a virtual relationship with the beams of light and shadow around them. The end result is unearthly; what may initially seem as flailing around an empty room becomes an intimate, visceral dance between the body and light itself.

The room showcasing this exhibit contains no instruction as to how to interact with these corporeal rays of light, it is up to people to figure out for themselves how to approach their silent partners. It is a show that really challenges the way that we as humans approach movement, not to mention how we behave in museums.

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