Beastie's Big Anniversary

This month marked the 25th anniversary of one of the most important albums to surface out of the hip-hop extravaganza of the late 80’s, or really any time and genre, the Beastie Boys masterpiece Paul’s Boutique. The follow up to their 1986 debut Licensed to Ill, this album cemented the Beastie Boys reputation as true auteurs of their craft, and not just hit-makers appealing to the drunk frat boy demographic.

The album was a financial disaster upon first release with only one single hitting the charts, the gloriously goofy ‘Hey Ladies.’ As time passed, critics began to realize what a landmark album slipped through their fingers. Using bits from over 100 different songs, it is considered one of the foremost records to adopt sampling as a marketable and artistic tool in creating hip hop. It is now ranked as not only one of the most important albums of the entire rap genre but one of the greatest albums ever written.

To commemorate the anniversary, the Beastie Boys’ proud hometown of NYC has devoted several efforts into recognizing their achievement and cultural impact. The owner of the current storefront on where the album’s now infamous cover was shot has allowed the creation of a mural dedicated to the album, and a petition has emerged to rename the block ‘Beastie Boys Square.’ We are in full support of such an idea, and to honor the event the way the boys themselves told us, we continue to shake our rump. #RIPMCA

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