Nude Models on Strike

In America, being a nude model is seen as a great way to earn some extra cash despite the occasional stares, or at the very least a unique and artistic hobby. In France, the birthplace of much of Western art and culture, it is no laughing matter. In response to rising invalidation, the nude models of Paris have officially gone on strike.

While naked people taking to the streets to might sound like a dream come true, it is unfortunately not quite so glamorous. Unlike the typical American nudist, nude modeling in Paris is a full-blown career. The average salary for a model is 15 Euros an hour, a current equivalent being 20 USD. Usually working long, and what we can only assume to be chilly hours, the models are not provided with any of the benefits a standard career usually entails. The final blow came when the French government eradicated the tipping policy common amongst art studios for their models, leaving them virtually wage-less.

There is no sign for when the strike might end, but models and artists everywhere are suffering. The models fighting for a living wage and job security, the artists struggling to find a subject nearly as enticing as a naked person.

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