Gareth Pugh's NYFW debut

Picture this: Gareth Pugh’s razor cutting designs being showcased by models who are suspended from the ceiling as they dance in a perfectly choreographed number. Alright we don’t know what the London-based designer has up his sleeve for his “immersive live performance” migration from Paris Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week, but whatever it is will no doubt be as incredible and interesting as his designs. Pugh, who is a regular at the Paris shows, has previously shown as part of MADE Fashion Week in Paris but this will be the first time his collection will presented in New York on the Made Fashion Week calender as part of Lexus Design Disrupted.

Calling out fashion for being unwilling to change, Pugh told The New York Times, “Fashion is very stuck in its ways, and I wanted to present something that would make people think, and maybe move the needle a bit.” Pugh’s idea-in-the-works wouldn’t create as much clamor in Paris – it is after all, the city in which Karl Lagerfeld created a Chanel supermarket show – but in New York, where things are a little more business oriented (a quick get in, show off the clothes, get out, is standard runway etiquette), it seems as thought Pugh’s conceptual designs will have more of opportunity to make an impact.

His show will be held on September 4th and will be the big bang number necessary to start off fashion week right. Pugh references Louise Wilson, the late Fashion Course Director of Central St. Martins (where he got his M.A.), saying, “[she] used to talk about the importance of how clothes are presented and how that had been lost, and everyone just did the same thing. This is a chance to change that.” Adding, “I know it’s a big risk, and I’m worried. But I think it’s good to light a fire under your bum every once in a while.” No matter what fire Pugh starts we’re sure it’s going to burn bright.

Photography by Leandro Justen.

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