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1/12 — It's Not Warming, It's Dying



Save the World With $5

Milton Glaser, the creator of the everywhere-you-turn-it’s-there “I ♥ NY” logo, has a new image – it’s equally as simple, and equally as poignant, but this time encapsulates a place larger than New York City. “It’s Not Warming, It’s Dying” is Glaser’s new campaign that takes aim to create mass awareness about climate change, telling Dezeen he hopes that “if half the people on earth wear the button even the ‘masters of the universe’ will be moved to action”. The masters of course being the key corporations that are responsible for mass pollution and mass prevention.

The graphic accompanying the campaign is a glow-in-the-dark green orb that has been mostly obscured by a black cloud of smog (the impact of the Earth’s sickness is better represented as a gif on the campaign’s website), an image that not only represents illness, but severity. The campaign’s straightforward approach lies at this: purchase 5 pins for $5, “wear one…and send four to the people you love”, then continue to spread the message through social media via the hashtag #itsnotwarming.

Glaser, who is also the a faculty member and chairman of the School of Visual Arts (where an #itsnotwarming billboard has already been erected), says, “If one is looking for a purpose and theme to their life, avoiding the worst event in human history is a good place to begin…There is no more significant issue on earth than its survival. The question is, ‘how can anyone not be involved?’”

The campaign is straightforward and the issue at hand involves everyone (literally, everyone in the world), so while you wait for your five pins to be delivered and your hashtag game to go from #nofilter to something more meaningful, take a look at Glaser’s other iconic work above – you’ll probably be surprised he created some of the work that he did.

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