Holograms Replacing Models?

The world of fashion is inexorably linked to the beauty of the human body. So it comes as a bit of a shock to think that the future of fashion might result in eliminating models entirely in favor of digital avatars.

Initially created as a tool for ballerinas to perfect their movement, the digital models hold a frightening amount of potential in the fashion world. Using a combination of motion capture technology and 3D body scanners, scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University have created avatars that can strut and pose just as fierce as any old Naomi or Cara, and have the added bonus of not needing to eat, sleep, or think. Major fashion shows have incorporated elements of this technology before, but never to the extent which it is inevitably looming.

A fashion house will be able to create an entire series of models molded exactly to their image without any of the characteristically human flaws. They’ll be able to update their motion capture couture in real time without any of the delay of a costume change. They can be projected to a runway in Paris, Milan, or Tokyo simultaneously without ever having to buy a single plane ticket. It will eliminate the frenzied backstage atmosphere of a runway show entirely, with no models to cause drama and no need to have any actual clothes present.

While a hassle-free, albeit human-free, fashion show may be a dream come true for stressed out fashionistas around the world, what would become of the models? The scientists in charge of this project mentioned that this technology can be utilized in a variety of different mediums, from a holographic theatre performance to a sports game of virtual players. In our future world will there be any jobs left for real humans?

Photography by Koury Angelo

Homeslide photograph by Sonny Vandevelde

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