Drake Vs Lil Wayne: The App-Off

The Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour, which kicks off tonight in upstate New York, may seem like a standard rap concert, but as the title suggests it is much more of a trial by combat. As a companion to the upcoming tour, the Young Money dynamic duo have released a free app that allows concert goers to "vote" for their champion of choice during a battle portion of their show.

Also titled ‘Drake Vs Lil Wayne,’ the app is an homage to the beloved Street Fighter games, and is even produced by the same creators. For the average Young Money Cash Money Records enthusiast not able to attend a show, the app is simply a cleverly designed game that allows you to pit the two rappers head to head in the glory of virtual martial arts. However, those that need to see the majestic beauty of Drake or hear the gravelly wheeze of Lil Wayne in person will be able to utilize the app during the actual concert. According to Billboard, each stop on the tour will feature a rap battle between the two titans, and audience members will be able to provide their chosen victor with ‘power-ups’ to aid their rapping skills, making for an interactive and unique rap off every night of the tour.

While this is not the first concert tour to incorporate a supplementary app, it is hands down the most ingenious. Drizzy and Weezy rapping to the death with a new outcome every night? You better hold us back. #HYFR

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