Trina Merry: Hiding In Plain Sight

No it’s not Photoshop, we had to watch the AP video to realize that artist Trina Merry is just that good. Not that we were questioning her talent, it’s just that her body paint skills + the aim for the perfect photo angle are crazy! Merry has been painting on nude models around different landmarks of New York City (can you name them all?) and camouflaging them to perfection, something she also used to do in California before migrating east.

With the city streets as both her studio and setting Merry faces challenges, like getting stopped by people, cars, weather changes, and police – although let it be known that it’s totally legal for women to #freethenipple, hurrah! Merry told NY Daily News that her goal was “to engage the city and understand it and make some observations. Instead of a person right in front of the Empire State building or the Statue of Liberty, they’re softly in the background…”. The images are striking; we’re just worried that if we bump into one of her models we won’t be able to notice her until it’s too late.

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