Iggy's Not So Fancy Past

First thing’s first, she’s the realest. Secondly, to say that Iggy Azalea is the reigning pop princess of the summer is a vapid understatement. So it comes as quite a shock to get a glimpse of Her Royal Highness the Most Fancy in the days before her rap regency. Nothing Like Me, a video recently leaked online, is a time capsule to the Iggy of days past, before we all knew who dat who dat was.

The video, while not without its merits, can be summed up as Britney Spears’ indelible Toxic music video remade by a group of high school girls in their parents’ garage. As entertaining as this proves to be, it still takes some scrutiny to recognize Azalea under that flight attendant outfit. Gone are the familiar guttural intonations and slurred rap bad-assery that belong to the Iggy we’ve come to know and love. This video finds her abandoning any sense of originality and character in favor of sculpting herself in the mold of a poor man’s Britney or Gwen.

‘Nothing Like Me’ as a song ain’t a bad jam, and dare we say the chorus is even a little catchy. But thank the stars above that the studious pop padawan of this video blossomed into the assured musical monarch we’ve come to worship today. Note to Iggy: please remain a rapper.

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