Casting Call: Harry Hains

Many starry-eyed hopefuls make the journey to Los Angeles with dreams of success, but not all experience the multiple blessings that come to Harry Hains, Australian model/actor. Two years ago, Hains was studying at the University of Melbourne, unsure of whether he was ready to pursue a career in medicine. Fast-forward to 2014, Hains is well on his way to a successful career in fashion and film. “I definitely want to continue my studies later on,” he says, “I imagine being a doctor in my 40s.”

Hains started modeling as a teen and spent a year in London and 6 months in New York. He found the energy in New York too intense and decided to take a trip to L.A. where he fell into a group of friends, all of whom work in the film industry, through a chance encounter at a Starbucks. Having a good group of friends and access to useful industry advice was one reason Hains decided to make L.A. his home.

Over the last year, Hains has shot the Levi’s S/S ’15 campaign with fellow Australian model Ajak Deng, the Discount lookbook, starred in the experimental art film Fallen Blossoms and has booked roles in three other features. Shooting is almost complete on The Surface in which Hains plays an orphan shaping his sense of identity as a young adult. In October, he flies to Toronto to shoot Groupies, a psychological thriller about a group of girls who kidnap their musical idol.

Hains is incredibly excited about the upcoming feature Nowhereland, currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. He plays a street hustler who falls in love with a fragile young sex worker. “It’s an incredibly powerful script and role,” Haines says, “I only want to make films where I get to play roles like that.”

In his personal life, Hains enjoys going out and partying, but is increasingly dedicated to his work and socializes less than he used to. He is obsessed with fashion and his Instagram is full of pictures of him experimenting with clothes, make up and wigs. “I like to wear costumes both on and off the screen,” he explains. He devotes a large portion of his free time to studying acting and practicing his upcoming roles. “80% of lead roles in pilots were assigned to Australians this season. I think it’s because they can see we’re dedicated and hard-working,” he says of the antipodean takeover of Hollywood.

Ruby Brunton is a New York-based writer and poet. You can find her on twitter here: @RubyBrunton

Photography by Brad Elterman

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