Spike Jonze Causing OC Runway Drama

Not many people go to a fashion show to see theatre, unless you count the antics of models as ‘drama.’ Opening Ceremony have decided to merge these two worlds in a literal runway show unlike anything previously attempted. As part of their show for the impending New York Fashion Week, they will produce a one act play directed by none other than Spike Jonze to be performed right on the runway.

Jonze, fresh off his screenwriting Oscar win for Her, is co-writing the play with a bizarrely unlikely collaborator, Jonah Hill, who sadly will not be starring in the production. Very little is known about the play, only that it will star a combination of models and professional actors. Given Jonze’s previous subject matters, we expect a plot with a lot of emotions and feelings of nostalgia that will make you want to crawl into a fetal position and sob, an appropriate behavior for any fashion show.

This is not the first time Opening Ceremony has brought radically innovative set pieces to their runway shows. Just earlier this year one of their shows featured a wall that rained a metric ton of melting chocolate mid show, and even supplied every audience member with their own personal box of Belgian chocolate. Jonze and Hill’s play may not be as appetizing, but it promises to be a far more intriguing and possibly emotional experience. Bring a hankie.

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