Damien Hirst Opens Gift Shop in NYC

When we’re in the market for buying art, we usually always try and look for pill covered crucifixes, even if they do cost over $50,000. This and other similar items are among the wares for sale at renowned artist Damien Hirst’s brand new boutique in SoHo called Other Criteria.

The New York store is the fourth location, the first outside Hirst’s UK homeland, in a project echoing the Warhol-esque ideals of the mass production of art. Patrons can take home a variety of his art, whether original pieces or simple trinkets and books highlighting some of the artist’s previous work. Fortunately there is a wide range of prices, from the aforementioned crucifix (a tad pricy), to the far more wallet-friendly option of fridge magnets that retail for $25.

Other Criteria certainly provides a shopping experience that is more than anything unique, but it raises some questions about the philosophy of Hirst’s art. Do we consider the $5,000 skateboards and the $4,000 nude portraits of Pamela Anderson as his latest works of art? Is the act of buying these pieces part of the art? Or is the store itself a giant interactive exhibit? This kind of far outside of the box thinking is an inherent part of Hirst’s work, but regardless of his intention, Other Criteria makes for a trip appealing to art lovers, art collectors, and jewel encrusted $500 trash can fans.

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