Bjork Announces Biophilia film

Bjork, the world’s preeminent Icelandic chanteuse, has always been known for the breathtakingly artistic and atmospheric live performances she brings to the stage, a trait that few musical artists share. She’s spent the past two years on tour in support of her 2011 album Biophilia, which included a stop at Bonaroo last summer. The album was always intended to be an equal part audial and visual experience exemplified in her live shows, and so to supply us with the complete experience, Bjork is releasing a film version, Biophilia Live.

The film is a recording of her 2013 London show, and it will be released in movie theatres in 5 continents over the next several months, the full list of which can be found here. It was even an official selection of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The project holds an especially poignant place for us here at Milk, the music video for the track ‘Mutual Core’ was directed by Andrew Huang of our film division, LEGS.

Bjork has repeatedly expressed the importance of the visual component intended to accompany her album. Images of microbial organisms and life cycles run in tandem with album cuts like ‘Virus’ and ‘Cosmogony,’ one can see for themselves the eruptions and collisions of the tectonic plates that she references in ‘Mutual Core.’ Biophilia Live is the ride Bjork always intended for us to go on, and it may be a contender for the ultimate concert film.

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