Make-Up's Digital Makeover

Living in the 21st century has become synonymous with adjusting to radically rapid shifts in technology that makes our lives far easier. Calling a restaurant for take out? Thanks for putting an end to that, Grubhub. Buying a CD? No thanks, we have [insert streaming service of choice here]. So we couldn’t help but get excited at the thought of never having to put on real make up thanks to the creation of Omote, an electronic make-up service.

Using CGI projection mapping, a similar process used in the creation of film characters like Gollum, designer Nobumichi Asai has tapped into the future of cosmetics. Imagine a world where one sits in the mirror and a digital rendering of your desired face assimilates onto your own. The days of lipstick smudge and smeared mascara are over, and not a single furtive trip to the bathroom to readjust would have to be made. Your face could be literally engineered to be perfect at all times.

This day is surely far-off, but immediate usage of Omote seems inevitable. Would it not make the jobs of Hollywood make-up teams infinitely easier if their designs can be programmed into a 3-D projector instead of painstakingly drawn on? Would actors not prefer to have a computer scan on their face instead of spending long hours at the studio having their makeup applied and continually reapplied? The prospects of this invention are equally terrifying and awe-inspiring, and we anxiously await the future implementation of Asai’s face-maker.

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