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1/6 — An Assange Salute



A Julian Assange Coloring Book

Julian Assange, best known as the reclusive mad genius of espionage behind the various Wikileaks scandals of the past several years, has recently revealed that he will very soon be leaving his long confinement at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Whether or not this has to do with reportedly serious heart and lung conditions is unknown, but the only information that we know for certain about Assange is that he now has his very own coloring book.

Available on the eponymously website found here, there are a multitude of Assange pictures that can be printed out and colored like the days of preschool yore. Being an online publication, it also caters to the less artistically inclined aspiring color-ers out there with the option to decorate each portrait online using the Paint program. Knowing that plain old photos of our man Julian would get stale, the website offers a variety of outlines featuring Assange in various guises, such as Ronald McDonald and Che Guevara, and a plethora of scenes featuring Julian in action, such as a Christmas delivery from Santa, a walk around a country estate, and, rather disturbingly, bound and gagged. Artists with initiative can also send in new stencils that can be featured on the website, as well as a gallery of the best produced portraits.

Aside from these coloring exploits, The British government is still hard at work attempting to extradite him to Sweden based on charges of sexual assault, a move Assange believes to be a ploy to eventually bring him to American soil. Keeping busy in confinement, he is set to release a book titled When Google Met Wikileaks and a musical collaboration with Chicks on Speed.

While online and in-print coloring books of celebrity figures are nothing new, choosing an art portfolio dedicated to a covert figure like Assange is a unique and puzzling choice. That said we’re certainly not opposed to it, and we may have already begun work on a masterpiece or two.

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