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Exclusive: On Set with Langley Fox

I’m sitting on the porch of a beautiful apartment in Silverlake, Los Angeles when I turn around to be greeted by the lady of the house. Langley Fox has been in hair and makeup, preparing for our shoot for the September issue of So It Goes Magazine. Her eyes light up as we greet, and a warm smile and a tight squeeze follow. We sit and chatter about friends and folly, before I ask her to tell me more about her life.

Langley grew up in Ketchum, Idaho, where her father still lives and she visits regularly.’My pops bought me a ticket to go back next week for my birthday! I love it there.’ I ask her to describe it to me.’I truly believe that in the summertime it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It’s where dreams were made, fairytales were written, and songs were discovered. My mind is just a small glimpse of secrets the natures holds there.’

It seems her artistic talent takes some influence from the native aspects of her homeland. Arrows, feathers and birds, are regular features in her drawings. Having graduated from Otis College of Art and Design, Langley stayed in LA where she seems to be more than happy,’ I love California; we get the weather, the lifestyle, some mountains, some beaches, a bit of city, and good friends!’

So where did she get her introduction to illustration and how did her talents develop?

‘Since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be an artist. Then I found out you could play with pencils and get paid for it!. I excelled at it later in high school and really developed my technique in college, but with practice it keeps improving itself.’
With anything practice makes perfect, and this is something Langley is no stranger to, sometimes working full days and nights on her drawings.

‘I believe that the natural "talent" of drawing, is the drive for one to actually do it. Like most crafts, drawing is a skill and to improve and refine that skill you need to practice and learn it, and then it evolves into the "gift" talent everyone says you have.’ She lists her artistic influences as; ‘Tim Burton sketches ‘because of their creativeness in characterization and their sense of eerie darkness mixed with loving innocence’, Edward Gorey etches and works by Salvador Dali and Egon Schiele.

Since leaving college, Langley has been a busy girl, working as a full time artist and a part time model. Having already landed a Marc Jacobs fragrance campaign and walked in his S/S 2014 NYFW show. She’s also had artistic collaborations commissioned by Alice & Olivia and Louis Vuitton. Her Kitty Stardust Tee has just been released with Wren, with all proceeds going to No Kill Los Angeles Shelters. She assures me there is more to come, ‘There are a number of illustration collaborations in the making that I’m getting excited about, but are too early to reveal. So just keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.’

Langley has a real taste for healthy living, eating strictly from health food shops and hiking daily to keep body, mind and soul in shape. ‘My favorite foods include all types of kale, from kale chips to raw kale salads’ Naturally our choices for lunch differ, although I do indulge her with a screwed up face after trying a ‘Face-melter’ from her local health food source Naturewell. After lunch its off to the Griffith Observatory where I’ll shoot her for the rest of the afternoon. We zoom around in her Mini Cooper and she assures me she’s driving slower than usual.

‘When I’m on my own in the car I’m a danger to society. I love to drive fast’.

I buckled my seat belt and smiled nervously.

Photography by Jamie Burke

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