The Return of Aphex Twin

A blimp that hovered over the skies of London seems an odd reason for indie music fans to rejoice, but this was no ordinary aerodynamic device. This particular blimp bore a unique logo, one that heralded the long awaited return of the ever-elusive pioneer of IDM (intelligent dance music), Aphex Twin.

Simultaneously announced in New York with a stencil outside Radio City Music Hall, the appearance of Aphex Twin’s signature insignia translated to his fan base that he would finally appease them with new music. His new album, his sixth, will be titled Syro, and marks the artist’s first album since 2001’s Drukqs. 13 years seems a staggeringly long time to rest between albums, but given his near perfect previous catalog, it seems highly unlikely that fans will be disappointed.

The tracklist for Syro, recently released online, features characteristically cryptic titles such as ‘PAPAT4’ and the easily pronounceable ‘s950tx16wasr10.’ Aphex Twin has a history of artistically inclined stunts, so we would not be surprised if this blimp was the first in a series of upcoming displays from the enigmatic beat maker. The EDM scene should be shaking in their boots, the prodigal son has come back.

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