New App to Prevent Police Brutality

Three teenagers from Atlanta, Georgia seem an unlikely answer to the all of the strife caused by police brutality in this country, but they have remarkably found a solution in the creation of their new app designed to do precisely that. Called Five-O, it marks a revolutionary step towards combating the now inescapable problem of how best to deal with mounting police concerns.

The app is still in a pre-release stage, but it has already outlined a variety of features that seem the most logical way of handling tension in relations between citizens and law enforcement. Users of Five-O can immediately submit any complaint or issue that may occur with an officer, as well as rate individual officers based on their conduct. Reviews of officers and police departments can be accessed for reference at any time.

The goal of the app is not merely to provide a place for ordinary citizens to find help in issues with police, but also a place to provide positive feedback and praise for helpful officers. In light of the horrific events of the past week in Ferguson, Missouri, there is no better time for this app to see release. It is a development that can change the face of law enforcement in this country forever, which makes it all the more shocking that it was created in part by a 14 year old.

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