Delevingne + Dunn Enter Forbes List

Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn have both made the cut on Forbes’ list of the highest paid models in the world. While we are more than happy for them for such an accomplishment that is sure to signal the new generation of top models, at this time we can only feel torrid surges of jealousy. Not for their salary mind you, but for their friendship.

Delevingne and Dunn, or as they like to refer to themselves the ‘Double D’s,’ are the greatest BFF’s the likes of which the world has never seen. They are the Jay-Z and Kanye West of the fashion world, the Thelma and Louise of modeling. They party together, work together, photo shoot together, and in the most tell-tale sign of BFF’s, got matching tattoos together, the evidence of which can be seen here. If you don’t believe us just watch this video of them making shrimp tempura in Dunn’s kitchen wearing pajamas.

On the Forbes list, Delevingne earned a total of $3.5 million from campaigns including Burberry, YSL, DKNY, while Dunn was slightly ahead of her, ringing in $4 million from Maybelline and Victoria’s Secret among others. Neither of them have come close to unseating the reigning queen of Forbes’ highest paid models, Gisele, who’s held the title for 8 years now, but the girls are merely at the beginning of their promising modeling career. To be so young, so rich, and such good friends just doesn’t seem fair, so to appease ourselves we’ll keep watching their hilarious Youtube videos, but angrily. #BFF5EVR

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