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Hand-Woven Karaoke Rugs

First musical chairs, now musical carpets? Have you ever looked at the rugs in your home and thought that it just wasn’t tying the room together? If so, look no further than the new project from German artist Selma Alacam, who has taken to hand weaving her favorite song lyrics into brightly colored, painstakingly ornate rugs.

The series is titled Heartstrings and is an inspired amalgamation of Eastern and Western culture. Alacam draws from the techniques of her Turkish ancestry to create s specific kind of rug known as a kelim, essentially a flat, hand woven floor ornamentation. Emblazoned upon each kelim is a song lyric that holds seminal value for Alacam, all of them thematically linked by intimacy and heartbreak. Her chosen lyrics are quite recognizable, coming from artists such as Fiona Apple, Depeche Mode, and even The Black Keys.

Every piece in the series exhibits an astonishing use of both color and pattern, only made better after deciphering a meaningful synth pop lyrics amongst the lines of hand-woven thread. Hosting a dinner party will reach new heights of fun once guests will be able to read and sing along to your floors. We’re hoping that if Alacam weaves a new series it will incorporate some karaoke staples…Ricky Martin anyone?

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