Kanye's Pony Hair Footwear

Kanye West debuted a wide array of unorthodox fashion during last year’s Yeezus Tour, but certainly one of the most curious pieces that Yeezy strutted on his runway was the pair of sneakers that were made from pony hair. Good news for sneaker enthusiasts and animal pelt lovers everywhere, now you too can be the owner of your very own equine footwear!

The shoes, designed by Maison Martin Margiela specifically for Kanye’s tour, are made from 100% genuine pony hair. While we don’t know the specific breed of horse used in the creation of the sneakers, we feel safe in saying that if it’s carrying Kanye West’s name it will be shorn from the highest quality show pony. Every pair is colored a nice, creamy beige, and is full of delectable features such as Velcro straps and a fully leather lining.

The pony sneakers will be available for purchase through retailer Tres Bien. There is no word on the price yet, but we’re thinking it will be around the same price as buying an actual pony. We can already picture Kanye in all his majesty wearing a pair of these, while he places baby North atop a pony to accent her own infant pair of horsehair shoes. Maybe Kim will even get a custom set of heels.

To see more of the fashion created for the Yeezus Tour, check out our trip to the Yeezus Pop Up Store here

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