Marina Abramopug: The Puppy is Present

Acclaimed performance artist Marina Abramovic received a huge amount of exposure in 2012 with her exhibit for MOMA titled ‘The Artist is Present.’ This year, a new performance artist made their equally acclaimed debut in a similar art piece, also titled ‘The Artist is Present.’ Who is this artist that would dare plagiarize a legend like Abramovic? Why Marina Abramopug of course.

In a stroke of pure comic genius, Abramopug, the most adorable modern artist in decades, held a sitting in Hyde Park, London that was a tasteful homage to Abramovic’s highly publicized original piece. While the pug dog was not able to commit to the 512 hours that it’s human counterpart was able to do, it still made for a transcendental experience just as powerful.

Despite the cuddly appeal, the puppy’s work has received mixed reviews, some calling it genius, some animal abuse, others consider it genius animal abuse. For a full documentation of Abramopug’s new work, check out her Tumblr here. We expect only the greatest work from this burgeoning new artist, and perhaps we can expect an Abramovic/Abramopug collaboration in the near future.

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