Dev Hynes On Police State

Dev Hynes might still be wearing a knee brace following his attack by Lollapalooza security, but that doesn’t mean he’s keeping quiet. The Blood Orange singer sat down with Okayplayer to talk about a pressing issue at hand, one that’s been rocking the nation more recently with the riots in Ferguson, Missouri effected by Michael Brown’s death. The video interview contains footage from his recent show at Central Park’s SummerStage, during which girlfriend/Friend’s singer/fellow attackee Samantha Urbani wore another political outfit (“Film Police 4 Justice + Peace”), and Hynes took to the mic to share his frustration.

“I can say I can hate fucking abuse of power. And I hate this fucking police state that we’re all starting to live in. And I don’t mean New York, and I don’t mean America, I mean like the fucking world right now.” Hynes told the stage.

Sitting down with Okayplayer Hynes said, “Just because the Civil Rights Act was 50 years ago doesn’t mean that we’re 50 times past it. And it’s shocking … There is no quick fix and there’s no solution to this. And that’s what I think is, for me, anyway, the most upsetting thing. Because you can riot, and you can speak onstage, or tweet, or sign petitions, but like, a petition doesn’t change some random dick cop’s opinion of the world.” Hynes’ interview is poignant and smart, but above all sad – although his attitude is far from defeated his truths are resonating and, well, true: “I feel like in our cultures you associate time with learning and progression. You assume, in any field, in regards to anything, that over a period of time, there’s a progression, and you learn. And so I think in our culture it’s just a real shock when you actually realize that that doesn’t add up in everything.” Damn.

Photo by Eddie Pearson for Okayplayer

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