Ukraine Paints Moscow Skyline in Protest

On Wednesday morning Moscow-ites woke up to find that the star atop one of the Stalin-era Seven Sisters towers had been half-doused in blue paint and had become a resting place for a Ukrainian flag. The piece is an obvious protest towards the ongoing conflict between the Ukraine and Russia over eastern-Ukrainian territory, but it was symbolically erected days before the Ukrainian Independence Day celebration on Sunday (August 24th).

The flag was taken down about three hours after it was erected and police have put four supposed perpetrators, Yevgeniya Korotkova, Anna Lepyoshkina, Alexander Pogrebov and Alexei Shirokozhukhov, under house arrest pending possible conviction of vandalism and hooliganism. If this rings any bells it’s because the Pussy Riot ladies were charged with hooliganism for protesting, and we all know how that worked out.

Pogrebov spoke for the group in court stating their innocence in the matter by saying they were on the building so they could base jump “at the same time someone had coincidentally painted the star and hung the flag.” This someone, supposedly, is Mustang Wanted, who admitted on Facebook that he was the one who vandalized the building “in an outburst of genuine patriotic feelings,” to which he attached an accompanying selfie atop the star. Whether in Europe or in the United States, it’s good to keep seeing instances of people standing up for their freedom. Stay talking, keep fighting.

Photo by Ilya Varlamov via

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