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Katharine Polk is getting everything ready for Houghton’s return to MADE Fashion Week a week from now. Amidst the madness she still had time to talk to Milk Made to discuss Katharine Hepburn, Houghton’s fashion ventures, and a hint of what we can expect for her upcoming show.

So this is only your second year of production. Would you say that your experience entering the fashion world was a slow climb or a whirlwind?

Time flies. I feel like it’s been a whirlwind. Even though I’m not showing pre-seasons I have Houghton Bride so I’m still showing 4 x’s a year and I’m not sure where the time goes when you’re counting by season.

You’ve mentioned how Katharine Hepburn is the inspiration behind your aesthetic. What would you say is the quintessential Hepburn look?

A wide leg pant suit!

What inspired you to delve into the world of bridal gowns?

I feel like there was such a gap for my girl who wanted something non-traditional yet, sexy, chic and quality. The Houghton Bride is my RTW customer and she wants to get married in something of the runway.

If you could style any celebrity, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I wish Katharine Hepburn was still here. She’s my namesake and constant inspiration for the collection. Currently love Kate Bosworth and Rita Ora.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing or accessory to make?

I always have fun with my bikinis!

Tell us a little bit about your creative process. How do you get inspired?

I’m really nocturnal and my creative brain doesn’t turn on until 6pm. I just answer emails until then.. I always go back to Katharine Hepburn for inspiration because she always got it right. I usually sketch a new collection in one night then I fine tune it and make adjustments in the weeks/months leading up to the show. I have my sample room in my West Chelsea studio so I’m super hands on and make changes to the garments until they come down the runway. I like to wait until I have the fabrics and can drape them and see how they are going to react to each style. I also always have music playing and Jonesy (my English Bulldog) with me at the office everyday. I cant work in silence!

What can we expect from your show this Fall?

Feminine Menswear. It’s a super clean collection with menswear inspired fabrics used in some feminine sexy silhouette’s.

Houghton is showing at MADE Fashion Week on Thursday, September 4th at 10am.

Houghton Fall/Winter 2014 photographed during MADE Fashion Week by Andrew Boyle

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