Sky Ferreira’s Support for Ferguson

Sky Ferreira isn’t about dumping a bucket of ice water on her head- instead she’s raising her hands in support of the protests in Ferguson following Michael Brown’s death (R.I.P Michael). Sky’s public support comes after Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall) posted a photo on her Instagram of a homemade t-shirt that reads “Support #Ferguson Support Peace!” and captioned with details of 2 shows, the proceeds of which “will go to help protestors get out of jail & any needed supplies & food for protestors & flowers for rifles” and asked the “Night Time, My Time” babe to join her.

Ferreira couldn’t join Marshall but she reposted the t-shirt photo and captioned “I’m trying to find a way to come but I’m contractually obligated to another show. The $$$ for my performance will go towards this & I will be there in spirit.” And this was just the beginning. Since then Ferreira posted two photos, one of her, another of a friend, both of which have “Don’t Shoot” painted on the palms of their hands, a reference to the slogan affiliated with the Ferguson protests (“Hands up, don’t shoot!”).

Marshall and Ferreira aren’t the only celebrities to speak out about Ferguson; John Legend, Common, and Dev Hynes are some other musicians who’ve voiced their opinion on the matter and on the state of emergency of the country. It’s funny reading the comments on Ferreira’s “Don’t Shoot” photo where people either praise her for raising awareness or bash her for abusing her white privilege in order to “turn the cause into a fashion statement.” All we have to say on that is: don’t get distracted by that pettiness, focus on the actual cause, never forget who the real enemy is (hint: it’s not Sky Ferreira).

Photos via Sky Ferreira’s Instagram

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