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1/5 — Who needs a shirt when you've got a smiling tux?



5 reasons why we can't wait for Jeremy Scott's show

American designer and renowned wild boy Jeremy Scott is like a crazy scientist – he has a brain that only he is #blessed to have. With his return to MADE Fashion Week right around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 craziest J-Scott moments.

5: That time he wore a yellow tuxedo to the VMAs and pulled it off:

Because only a man like Scott can carry a yellow tuxedo with a smiley on the back without it overbearing him. Bonus details: fuck a shirt, Scott didn’t think it was necessary and we might follow suit.

4: That time he put pink poodles on sneakers:

That’s right. Pink fucking plush poodles. The designer has collaborated with adidas a ton of times and every collection renders crazy things (the iconic wing sneakers for one), but the craziest shoes come with stuffed poodles donning adidas sunglasses.

3: That time he went from intern to designer:

I mean, dream come true right? Scott was appointed designer of Moschino last year, telling Style.com, "It’s kind of a fairy-tale story. I was the intern, and now I’m running the company." Bad. fucking. ass.

2: That time he made a McDonald’s collection:

Speaking of Moschino, his debut collection paid homage to the iconic fast food chain, appropriating the golden arches for Moschino (as well as rendering fashion meets Spongebob and lots and lots of denim). Oh, not to mention the golden M backpack sold out two days after the debut.

1: That time he teamed up with Miley:

The craziest of JS moments might actually be upon us. At the VMA red carpet Scott told [MTV]( http://www.mtv.com/news/1910952/jeremy-scott-miley-cyrus-nyfw/) “Miley and I have something very exciting that we are brewing up for the future…I’m going to let her announce it.” He also revealed this collab would see the light of day during NY Fashion Week, which will also involve a “group of cool kids, rather than models.” Should we expect a twerk-off down the runway?

Jeremy Scott is showing at MADE Fashion Week on Wednesday, September 10th at 1pm

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