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1/7 — Clutching Peter Gabriel in the music video for 'Don't Give Up'



7 reasons why Kate Bush is Queen

After an absence from the stage for 35 years, Kate Bush is back with a vengeance with her theatrical extravaganza of a concert series titled Before the Dawn that premiered this week. Met with excitement from her fan base that was borderline psychotic, Bush may very well be at the apex of her popularity. The near religious fervor surrounding the bewitching pop singer has ignited a Twitter firestorm, and an A-list attendance roster at her opening, which included Madonna, Lily Allen, Bjork, and maybe even David Bowie. So in honor of what is quickly being known as #KateBushDay, we have compiled a list of the essential moments of Kate Bush’s illustrious career.

7. Song–Don’t Give Up: A duet with Peter Gabriel that appeared on his smash 1986 album So, this track entirely belongs to Kate. Her fragile soprano is not only the perfect accompaniment to Gabriel’s huskier voice, but it cuts right to the core, making for the perfect seminal 80’s ballad.

6. Film–The Line, the Cross, and the Curve: Move over Kanye West. Bush released the original megamix music video with this short film that was based on her 1993 album The Red Shoes, which was in turn based on the 1948 film of the same name. The film features six different tracks off the album and co-stars British actress Miranda Richardson.

5. Album–Aerial: A sprawling double album, this marked the return of Bush in 2005 after a hiatus from releasing music for over a decade. Covering a wide variety of topics, from Joan of Arc and Elvis Presley to the decimal places of pi, it was an unexpected, complex, and ultimately inspired release from an artist many thought to be finished.

4. Music Video–Running Up That Hill: If you were going to sum up the aesthetic of the 1980’s in a single video, look no further. Bush rolls around brightly hued rooms filled with fog, her hair is the perfect amount of poofy, and the synthesizers are tuned for maximum effect. It’s the perfect video to watch when alone at home and in need of empowerment, or for any occasion really.

3. Song–Wuthering Heights: The one that started it all; her first and to this day only number one hit single. A direct reference to the classic Bronte novel of the same title, this track introduced Bush to the world with her now trademark arm flailing form of choreography and screechingly high vocals. She was amazingly only 19 at the time of the song’s release.

2. Album–The Hounds of Love: Yet another double album that introduced Bush to a far larger audience than ever before, it still holds up today as a fantastic listen. The first half of the records is typically 80’s pop-dance hits, such as Running Up That Hill and Cloudbusting, while the second half is meant as one continuous piece of music titled ‘The Ninth Wave.’ It was a landmark achievement for Bush, and many began to see her as the UK’s prog rock answer to Madonna.

1. Concert–Before the Dawn: Yes it may be too soon to tell given it just started last night, but this concert run is truly the most monumental project Bush has ever undertaken. Regardless of the fact that this is her first live performance since the 1970’s, Before the Dawn is one of the most singularly focused and decisive artistic statements from any musician ever. There are scripted films, elaborate mobile sets, people wearing fish skeleton heads, puppets, life preservers, and even her own son as an actor and chorus member. Even amongst her huge body of work, it is this show that will have her remembered forever.

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