Student 3D Prints Arm for Another Student

3D printing is insane – from printing clothes to cars to guns to drones it seems like the sky is the limit, but sometimes the more impressive creations are about intention rather than size. So how’s this for measure: Evan Kuester took advantage of his school’s 3D printer (he’s a design student) to create a prosthetic arm for Ivania Castillo, a fellow student he had seen around campus.

Kuester told Makezine: “This is my second attempt at printing prosthesis and this time it came out much better than the first attempt. If I could do it again I would improve the design in every way possible. Ideally the hand moves and is fully functional, however I am limited by current technologies, so I am settling for an aesthetically pleasing prosthetic that celebrates the unique opportunity presented by the model.”

He describes his trial-and-error learning process, saying “my first attempt was way too bulky and this one is a hair on the thin side and sacrifices some strength for its aesthetic.” It might not be perfected yet but we’re still giving Kuester a standing ovation.

Photo via Evan Kuester

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