Eli Reed in a Playboy Paradise

What if a totally gnarly wipeout didn’t lead to a hospital visit but instead to the Playboy Mansion? It’s a question enthusiastically answered by pro skater Eli Reed in a new short film titled Lost Paradise.

The clip, produced by Playboy, begins with Reed crashing on the streets of New York, only to wake up Wizard of Oz style in the Playboy Mansion, surrounded by a bevy of strangely perky Playmates. Contrary to our expectations, they end up putting more clothes on him then when he arrived, and he begins to skate around the Hefner estate in a dapper pink suit by Marc Jacobs. Reed swerves around obstacles, whether human or furniture, like a whirling dervish, stopping only for the occasional longing glance of one of the many Bunnies roaming the mansion.

While many viewers may be distracted by some of the female members of the cast, the show belongs to Reed, who displays a true talent for shredding, be it in on a street, a tennis court, or even a swimming pool. If every crash ended like this, would people even bother trying to skate on point?

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